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Here are some links to other resources we’ve tested and found useful.


Look at our other website for Westy parts: vanagonwestfaliaparts.com


For parts and more information on plant oil conversion parts and kits look at the PlantDrive websites:

in Canada http://www.plantdrive.ca
in the USA http://www.plantdrive.com


Biodiesel and SVO people need to work together. I helped start a local co-op which is collecting waste vegetable oil in the area. Filtered oil can be made available for those who have converted their vehicles, and others produce Biodiesel which members can obtain at a public facility:





If you’re in the Western USA you can check out another community-oriented shop that does various conversions, say “hello” to Justin from me (Björn):



For information and assistance with electric conversions we recommend Canadian Electric Vehicles:



The Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival in Vancouver, B.C., promotes outdoor and environmental experiences. They have a series of films and presentations during a festival in February. At times they travel with films throughout British Columbia and beyond using a Mercedes Diesel converted by Dr. Björn’s Auto. Check out their website:



I started a list about that on the internet where people from all over exchange ideas and technical know-how on TDI conversions:

tdi-conversion at yahoogroups.com


If you happen to own a Vanagon Westie and like to travel in North America—especially in the Pacific Northwest—you should connect with WetWesties where you will find an eclectic bunch of like-minded people: