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Bulletin Board News

May 2016

The Multivans are gone with new owners and are traveling through North America using waste vegetable oil.


March 2016

More T4 Multivans with new Reimo pop up roofs arrived.


January 2016

Re-organizing store and website vanagonwestfaliaparts.com


October 2015

Return from attending the European Caravan exhibition and added Reimo parts.


June 2015

More illustrations are on the website now as well as pictures of cars we imported.


May 2015

We expanded to include more support for the Westy community and added a store: Vanagon Westfalia Parts.


March 2015

Another shipment with a T4 Multivan Syncro with a 2.5 L TDI engine and another T4 Doka.


June 2014

Added some more pictures to the photo gallery, finally. More coming.


May 2014

The Eurovan style (T4) crew cab (Doka for Doppelkabine”) is a very versatile vehicle. It can come as Syncro which is VWs version of four wheel drive using a viscous coupling.


March 2014

More A4s and VW Dokas came and went.


February 2014

Audi A4 quattro TDI sedan fully converted available.


January 2014

A new shipment with vehicles and parts has arrived. Some things are already pre-sold. There are several complete TDI engines and Audi and VW parts. Another VW T4 (Eurovan) Doka (crew cab pickup) Syncro (4×4) has arrived too.


December 2013

Vanagon Westfalia with rebuilt 1.9 L TD engine and 5 speed transmission (converted to SVO) is ready now.


December 2013

Mercedes 300 SD single tank conversion in really good shape available.