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Environmentally Sensible Transportation

Welcome to Dr. Björn’s Auto!

We convert any Diesel vehicle or stationary Diesel-powered machine to more environmentally-friendly fuels and we assist you appreciating the natural environment by providing equipment and conversions for camper vans.

Converting Diesel Enginescanola

We focus on plant oil conversions, often called vegetable oil conversions (SVO/WVO), using recycled oil. Our expertise includes road cars, trucks, tractors and electric generators.

  • We can provide the right parts, consult in custom installation, create your turn key conversion and develop technical solutions from fuel source to final application.
  • We can source the right vehicle for you including German imports, mostly Audi and VW (with left-hand steering), and adapt it to your needs.
  • We support your transportation by supplying new and used parts from Audi, Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen. Diesels and VW vans are our specialty.

Please check out this website and find your path to environmentally-sensible transportation.

Camper Van Conversions

We are supporting the VW camper community with original parts and service: vanagonwestfaliaparts.com  where you also can get access to an extensive array of equipment and accessories from Reimo (reimo.com/en) that assist you appreciating the natural environment. Click on the logos below to access our webstore or the Reimo website.

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