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About Us

We are a small Canadian shop specializing in custom conversion projects.

Here’s something about me, the owner, and the drive behind it all:

I’ve been interested in cars—both their use and how they function—from very early on. I like to travel, especially by road and I understand the convenience and joy of traveling in your own vehicle. However, I struggle—and maybe you do too—knowing how much pollution they create. So, I’m using my expertise and practical experience to convert cars to run on plant oil to reconcile my interest in cars with my concern for the environment. (My current travel vehicle is a VW Vanagon Syncro TDI; I converted it from a gasoline to a Diesel engine and now it also runs on recycled plant oil.)

Assisting others modify their mode of transportation is a small way of doing my part. I like to pass on the knowledge that I have gained through study and years of practical experience. I also do this by giving workshops or leading discussion groups.

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I work together with several other people and that’s why I often speak of “we”. The people who work in my shop have years of mechanical expertise. Among others I consult with Ed Beggs of PlantDrive and I consult frequently regarding plant oil conversions. I consider myself part of a larger community, because to master all the challenges we have to work as a team, don’t we? If you have any questions, ask!

Dr. Björn

Alongside this, I am part of the Vanagon community: vanagonwestfaliaparts.com.


Dr. Björn’s Auto in the news/media:

In 2011 the collective biodiesel conference was held in the Cowichan Valley. You can see a video of my workshop here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlMP1gqPK0w

Here is a video about my shop and conversions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgQ1E2PtCoQ

A local newspaper wrote a short article about my conversions: A diesel veggie tale begins