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We offer practical expertise and personable assistance in converting Diesel engines to run efficiently on pure plant oil. 

We can convert your vehicle or get the right vehicle for you that does! We can do complete conversions, help you get all the parts you need or assist you with your own work. If you have mechanical expertise and know your car or truck then you may be able to do the conversion yourself.

Simply put: if you want to run on plant oil, you’re at the right place. Let’s work together to find out what you need. Our services include:

  • complete conversions for Diesel vehicles and Diesel stationary engines (compressors, generators, etc.) to run on pure plant oil
  • engine modifications and repairs (for converted vehicles)
  • custom fuel tank and conversion parts and equipment
  • gasoline to Diesel engine conversions (on some models)
  • rebuilding/installing new engines
  • TDI engine conversions and management
  • vehicle import from Germany (Audi, Volkswagen and utility vehicles)
  • parts and accessories for Audi, Volkswagen and Mercedes Diesel

Please note: We do not do general repairs on cars that are not converted; however, we will assist you in maintaining your converted car.

We have spent a lot of time developing the products and services we offer and continue to apply new ideas all the time.

We specialize in VWs and German vehicles. However, we have worked with many others as well:


Click on: “Choosing the right vehicle for transportation” for more information.

We are an authorized PlantDrive dealer and carry a larger selection of conversion parts and accessories.