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Imported Vehicles

North America has fewer Diesel model options than Europe, so we import them! All cars we import are thoroughly checked, brought technically up-to-date and have gone through a provincial inspection in British Columbia. Any vehicle we sell is also converted to run on waste plant oil.

Here are some examples:

Audis are great cars with excellent handling even in difficult conditions. Unfortunately Audi has only recently begun to offers some Diesel versions in North America. We imported several for customers and converted them. (Below: Audi A4 Quattro TDI  & Audi A4 Quattro Avant TDI)

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Volkswagen has some very practical utility vehicles that seat 5-6 adults comfortably. They are one-ton trucks with solid 5-cylinder Diesel engines; we’ve imported several with 4WD as well. The sides of the box fold down individually so they can be loaded from three sides. (Below: VW T4 (Eurovan) Doka (double cab) Syncro (4×4) & VW T4 (Eurovan) Doka (double cab))

26.04.2012 006 DSC02003


A great vehicle, very flexible in its usage, is the T4 (Eurovan) as a Multivan or Camper. Here is one with a 5cyl 2.5 L TDI engine in the Syncro version. We can supply them with a pop-up roof and have various accessories available.



We can also handle specialty vehicles like this store on wheels based on a VW T4 (Eurovan).

11.01.14 003 11.01.14 009

Ready for service in minutes this store on wheels also has a display fridge!


There are more options available! Inquire if you’re interested: 250 929-2277.